Elementary School Math Tutoring

Mathematics is used everywhere, be it our everyday life or our academics. The US Common Core curriculum for Mathematics teaches students the fundamentals of math, its reasoning and its applications. As students progress from one grade to the next, they develop a thorough understanding of various math techniques that helps them throughout their academic journey.

How Can TutorComp Help You?

  • Get the foundational knowledge of numbers and operational skills that are in sync with the Common Core standards. 
  • Learn grade-wise basics to advanced mathematics, including elementary algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and more through personalized guidance.
  • Understand how math theories work, where they can be applied, and solve problems effortlessly using appropriate principles.
  • Learn step-by-step from a qualified educator and attend practice tests to sharpen your math skills. 
  • Build a foundation for further education in mathematics by getting clarity on fundamental concepts and their applications.
Pre Algebra

Get clarity in the fundamental concepts of Pre-Algebra at your own learning pace, and develop the essential math skills for mastering Algebra.


Explore the crucial algebraic concepts such as linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential,  and many more types of equations and functions through interactive discussions.


In Greek, trigōnon means “triangle” and metron means “measure,” and so Trigonometry is the study of angles and measurements of triangles. Learn this interesting branch of mathematics through examples and live online tutoring.


This artistic branch of mathematics called Geometry deals with shapes, sizes, areas, angles, and various dimensions. Learn Geometry and its brilliant applications through multimedia tools and live demonstrations.


Learn the prerequisites of calculus such as trigonometry, algebra, analytical geometry, and more through step-by-step problem-solving guidance.


Our qualified educators help you understand the fundamental theorem of calculus, limits and continuity, parametric equations, polar coordinates, vectors and geometry of space, and more through personalized instruction.

TutorComp’s Approach to Learning

With a presence in more than 22 countries, TutorComp aims to empower students through education. Serving since 2012 in the online education field, our unique E-learning platform provides online personalized one-on-one and group tutoring to students through voice chat-enabled whiteboards. Our objective is to create a real-time virtual classroom with interactive fun learning experiences.
Tutors at TutorComp undergo a rigorous selection process which involves conducting several stages of interviews and mock sessions, thorough testing of knowledge, cross-checking references, and providing all-inclusive tutor training. 
We understand that every student has different learning needs, and hence students who study with TutorComp get the advantage of self-paced learning. Students learn as per their ability to cope with the subject. Students receive well-researched, real-world examples with engaging visual inputs to help build their knowledge-base and potential.
We don’t just stop there! Our instructors and technical support team are available every day to guide students through their academic difficulties.  



An educational institution promising an inclusive model of education tailored for students with different levels of learning ability. Come join us, and understand the real impact of personalized online learning!


International Baccalaureate (IB)

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