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Online Physics(Single Science) Tutoring

Physics rules everything in the universe. GCSE/GSC A level Physics helps students to discover elements and forces in nature that affect matter. Students are given reasonings with conceptual knowledge behind every natural phenomenon in this physical world.

Online sessions for GCSE/GSC A level Physics help simplify the intricate theories so that the students understand them easily. Moreover, students get to experience physics in practical situations and learn to apply data for problem-solving. GCSE A levels opens many doors for higher education and a successful career in the science field.

How Can TutorComp Help You?

  • Learn about gravity, magnetic fields, kinematics, waves, electrical fields, quantum physics, and a lot more in a streamlined format.
  • Get an understanding of how physics changes elements in the natural environment and affects social, technological, and economic aspects.
  • Learn experimental science and its practical usage in every field through personalized discussions.
  • Understand permutations and combinations that can be applied to physics to generate favorable results, and the ways to analyze and manipulate the data.
  • Learn the language of mathematics as an integral part of physics.
  • Build confidence and skills in the fields of science, technology, and communication.

TutorComp’s Approach To Learning

With a presence in more than 22 countries, TutorComp aims to empower students through education. Serving since 2012 in the online education field, our unique E-learning platform provides online personalised one-on-one and group tutoring to students through voice chat-enabled whiteboards, creating a real-time virtual classroom.

Tutors at TutorComp undergo a rigorous selection process which involves conducting several stages of interviews and mock sessions, thorough testing of knowledge, cross-checking references, and providing all-inclusive tutor training. 

We understand every student has different learning needs, and students who study with TutorComp get the advantage of self-paced learning. Students learn as per their ability to cope with the subject. Students receive well-researched, real-world examples with engaging visual inputs to help build their knowledge-base and potential.

We don’t just stop there! Our instructors and technical support team are available every day to guide students through their academic difficulties.  

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