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Online Chemistry(Single Science) Tutoring

The environment around us is built by chemicals and compounds, making chemistry a fascinating subject. GCSE/GCE A levels Chemistry allows students to learn about the fundamentals of the substances around us, and their practical management. Online tutoring in Chemistry helps clarify scientific concepts and their applications in the real world. GCSE Chemistry lays the foundation for higher studies in not just chemistry but also in the general science field.

How Can TutorComp Help You?

  • Learn about physical, organic, and inorganic chemistry and understand the engagement of atoms due to electrostatic forces through personalized guidance.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of chemistry phenomena, theories, laws, concepts, and more.
  • Students will acquire a thorough education of the periodic table and each element’s reactions in the environment.
  • Understand the workings of analytical techniques to study compounds.
  • Learn to recognize the chemical patterns and predict the possible transformations of these chemicals due to reactions.
  • Build your chemistry vocabulary and learn about using the correct apparatuses for experiments through online demonstrations.

TutorComp’s Approach To Learning

With a presence in more than 22 countries, TutorComp aims to empower students through education. Serving since 2012 in the online education field, our unique E-learning platform provides online personalised one-on-one and group tutoring to students through voice chat-enabled whiteboards, creating a real-time virtual classroom.
Tutors at TutorComp undergo a rigorous selection process which involves conducting several stages of interviews and mock sessions, thorough testing of knowledge, cross-checking references, and providing all-inclusive tutor training. 
We understand every student has different learning needs, and students who study with TutorComp get the advantage of self-paced learning. Students learn as per their ability to cope with the subject. Students receive well-researched, real-world examples with engaging visual inputs to help build their knowledge-base and potential.
We don’t just stop there! Our instructors and technical support team are available every day to guide students through their academic difficulties.  
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