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Chemistry is a study of substance and matter, their composition, the analysis of the properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances. It involves focusing on the global issues of climate changes and scarcity of water, food, and energy resources, along with processes to maximize earth’s finite resources’ efficient use. As per the Australian and other global curricula, chemistry advances the understanding of the chemical concepts involving bonding, and chemical change, including the role of chemical, electrical and thermal energies. Our online chemistry tutoring covers a broad range of topics from introductory chemistry to the science behind what we eat and complex chemical compounds.

How Can TutorComp Help You?

  • Understanding theories about chemical systems and structures with interesting models through personalized learning.
  • Develop the right interest to have a deeper understanding of the factors affecting chemical systems, and their manipulation to produce vital products in the nature around us.
  • Appreciation of experimental sciences through online demonstrations. 
  • Develop proficiency in conducting a range of scientific investigations, collection, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.

TutorComp’s Approach to Learning

With our presence in more than 22 countries, TutorComp aims to empower students through education. Serving since 2012 in the online education field, our unique E-learning platform provides online personalized one-on-one and group tutoring to students through voice and chat-enabled whiteboards, creating a real-time virtual classroom.

We select our tutors through 3 rigorous screening steps – written test, intensive interview, and transcript verification. It is followed by comprehensive training to ensure our tutors are well equipped to provide the best quality education to students. We understand your concerns and share your insight for a better future for your children.

According to research studies, higher cognitive learning is present in students who attended online classes due to focussed guidance and a  secure environment. With self-timed learning, individualized learning programs, and personalized attention, we ensure our students become high achievers. Every day, all day we are here to guide students and answer your queries through our continuous customer care support.

TutorComp understands your needs, and we are a passionate team that is here for excellence.

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