How to be well prepared before you start your online session

How to be well prepared before your start your online session

When you hire an online tutor from TutorComp, you have decided to be the best in your class. For the same reason, always make the best out of our expert online tutors by preparing well before your session starts. You mustn’t waste your quality time with your online tutor, right?

Keep your study materials ready

Make sure you have all your study materials before you start the session so that you don’t have to run around your room thereby interrupting your online tutor from taking classes effectively.  Notes, textbooks, worksheets, or assignment charts, not to forget the required tools like pens, calculator, and pencil – keep everything ready.  When you leave your session every few seconds to find these materials, you are losing your precious time.

Prepare your questions

Since this is an online tutoring session, keep in mind it’s all about the 1-on-1 session, hence you can ask whatever doubts you feel like asking. You don’t have to hesitate like when you are in a classroom with close to 50 -60 students. Here, it’s just you and your online tutor. Hence, make the most out of it.  Sometimes you might forget what doubts you have if you don’t write it somewhere. Make a set of questions that had been posing trouble for you while learning in the classroom. Ask your questions once the session begins or towards the end after covering the topics of the particular day.

Bring your Class Syllabus

Now, this is important. Your online tutor is also like your personal mentor who should be aware of how is it progressing in your classroom. Discussing your class syllabus with your online tutor would help him/her to prepare your study chart accordingly for the rest of your sessions.  Say, if you have a particular test coming up, or a particular deadline hovering above an assignment, you both can strategize your study plan according to that.