Top 4 Versions of Online Tutoring

The effectiveness and convenience of online private tutoring are attractive to both tutors and parents. The online tutoring industry is experiencing a tremendous change due to the latest IT innovations and technological advancements, which open up new areas for efficient learning. Online tutoring, made available by sophisticated modern-day technology, provides students numerous advantages which are unavailable in traditional courses. These advantages include reduction of traveling time and allied expenses and the comfort of engaging in the session in one’s own home. Due to such advantages result, most of the students opting for online private tutoring over in-person tutoring centers. As in other industries, online learning experiences trends driven by IT advancements and changes in Technology.

Mobile Learning

Learning through Smartphones has been getting a great deal of attention lately. With the arrival of online learning apps for iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones, learning via online means has become convenient for students. Day by day most online tutoring companies are developing and building app-based e-learning programs for students. Accessing e-learning study materials and whiteboards via an app-based tutoring program offers flexibility to students who need simplified and quick assistance outside the traditional classroom setting.

Game-based Learning

‘Gamification’ that’s game-based learning has increasingly admired in recent years, as various educational institutions and companies have developed a different variety of games for serious educational purposes. Such education-based games not only enhance the quality of learning but are also very useful in developing a learning-centered culture in students.

Video Infographics

Infographics play a very important role in online learning. Professionally crafted infographics are very handy to teach students online learning content, in subjects ranging from the basics to the highly complex study contents. Infographics provide information in a visual means; the visual presentation and appealing design of subject matter assist infographics to make online learning valuable.

Cloud-based Learning

Everything digital is going cloud. This is the one reason why most of the online tutoring tools and learning management systems (LMS) are now switching over to cloud-based platforms. Cloud-based online tutoring provides enhanced flexibility; in addition, the cloud computing-based e-learning companies offer a huge collection of videos and course materials to students which can be accessed online.