Tips to stay focused while learning

Tips to stay focused while learning

Do you get easily distracted while learning? Like the moment you open a book and start with the first chapter, your mind wanders about the football match coming up next week or a film you have to catch up on the next day.

Well, this is just not your story. Every student faces this issue.

Your brain is filled with thousands of memories and information regarding day-to-day life which you can’t avoid and comes back and give you a nudge at the perfect time- while studying. But this state of mind can be conquered with the following tips.

Turn off your Cell phone

This is by far the most important thing of this century- Switch off your phone! The major cause of distraction is undoubtedly the cell phone. If you keep them on, you will be tempted to check for messages or Facebook updates every 2 minutes disturbing your studies. Turn off your phone at least for an hour and start studying. You will see the difference right then!

Clean up your workspace

Your workspace location should be arranged somewhere it avoids any kind of distractions.  Choose your location wisely, whether it be your library, bedroom, balcony make sure this place offers peace and silence. Do not close the door, but you may keep a “do not disturb” signboard while you study. Keep all your educational related materials by your side. Pen, Pencils, geometry boxes, papers, rough books, textbooks and notebooks, and everything.

Encourage your parents to switch off the TV while you are learning. When you hear the sound of some exciting program, you may get tempted to have a peek. It’s better to have that proper environment of silence whenever you learn.

Seek the help of an online tutor

Why is it necessary that you should study all alone? Put your trust in an online tutor and start learning through one-to-one interaction. This will help you to be focused and determined to study.