The SAT Subject Test Preparation Timeline???

Uploaded ToThe SAT Subject Test Preparation Timeline???

For many, preparing for the SAT Subject test may be the biggest hurdle to overcome, but with a sound and best study plan, you can get the score you dream of. Different Students choose SAT Subject Test with different Intentions. For some, it is to improve their academic portfolio, to take admission decisions, to help themselves to make placement decisions, to test out of some college courses, and for others, it is to become successful in scholarship exam competitions. If you’re interested in taking up one or more of these tests, it will be mandatory that you should approach them, refining your chances for success is the only aim of the part.

Take a look at these tips for working for SAT Subject Test Preparation

The most striking feature of selecting an online tutor is the accessibility across the globe. Anyone with a computer and good internet connectivity will be able to join online tutoring. There are a lot of tutors available who are experts in their own streams. Students get the benefit of going through the profile of tutors available and in most cases are given trial sessions to check if they are comfortable with the tutor selected. Geographical boundaries are not a barrier in online education.

How much will I have to spend on online tutoring?

1) Plan your timeline wisely

Having more than one SAT exam a year, never think that you can conveniently take the exams whenever you wish. Let yourself enough time to retake the subject tests if needed, but also try to schedule them late enough into the associated studies that you are fully prepared with. Take the test when you’re near the end of a corresponding class. Put a little more effort into your timeline.

2) Pick up the right Subject

If at all you happen to see yourself stressed with any particular subject, it may not be a wise idea to take SAT Subject Test it. If you don’t have specific requirements for subject testing, select exams that would complement your course of study and show your expertise as well. Try to avoid those that are inappropriate to your study or that will otherwise show a deficiency of preparedness.

3) Practice! Practice! Practice! – Get a Valued Guided Practice from Online SAT Tutors

All those who prepare to take the SAT subject tests are benefited by facing lots and lots of practice questions. For example, questions play a very important role in SAT tutoring. By taking a variety of tests under the direction of an online sat tutor, a student is capable of becoming easier with the format and also types of questions found in SAT. Students learn how they should face the questions in various sections of the SAT. The tutor’s assessment gives the student the opening to see where they committed a mistake and to learn how they must fix it. In the end, go through the results carefully, which will give you a better, as well as a deep understanding of the test and your learning process.

4) Work smarter! Smarter! Smarter

While there are many different SAT Subject Tests, they all follow a similar system of scoring. Each correct answer makes the test-taker earn one full point, while incorrect answers bring down a partial point. If you’re struggling hard to come up with an answer, feel free to skip a question, making a note that you’ll need to return it later.

5) Be aware of scoring protocols

When you happen to see any question and then you realize that you don’t have any idea about how to face it! Each question has the same Importance — if you think you are helping yourself by wasting 15-20 minutes by sweating over and again one question when you are not able to handle problems you really can solve, then you are wrong. If you can reject any one of the answer choices given on a question, it would be a wise decision. Use time systematically.

6) Consider SAT as a zone – free from stress

If you spend a lot of time learning for SAT exam, you will not have to worry on the day of the test. Don’t put yourself under stress. Don’t panic on the day of the exam. If at all you catch yourself panicking — give yourself a pause, gently close your eyes, and then take a deep few breaths and then be back to the test. Writing an SAT is not a big deal for you to fear—it’s all about using different methods and being familiar with some of the SAT questions and concepts. Spend your final days by sleeping, relaxing, eating good foods, and exercising. On test day, you’ll be very healthy, alert, and well-rested as well.

7) SAT Subject Test- Predictable

As the layout and guidelines of the SAT Subject Tests are unaffected, it would be easy to learn how the pattern of tests remains. The coolest thing to help your presentation on the SAT Subject is to understand the ways to follow before taking the test. Since the directions are the same always, there’s no reason to waste time on test day by going on reading it.

There are some fundamentals you need to be aware of regarding SAT Subject Tests

  • Test questions are multiple-choice.
  • In one sitting you can go up to three SAT Subject Tests.
  • Students cannot go for both the SAT and SAT Subject Tests during the same testing administration.
  • Each test costs about $18).
  • You will be paying a $26 fee per testing session, so it would be cheaper to take more than one test in one session.


Many feel it difficult to let go of the thought- “SAT is a very scary test” because calling this test “a very big giant hurdle” has become the practice. It might be true that they seem foreign and difficult, and they have a large impact on the life of a student too. When a student is well prepared, however, when students feel familiar and have the knowledge and confidence then they can and will do well. For all those students who are in high school, a great deal rides on doing well on the SAT. But it can be scary as well as an unapproachable experience. Anyone can crack the Test who is deterministic and has prepared well in advance with a very good attitude. Hunt for good SAT Tutors, be persistent and well prepared by following all the valuable tips.