Do you make these 3 mistakes while learning online?

Do you make these 3 mistakes while learning online?

Online Tutoring is undoubtedly the most convenient learning alternative for students to improve their performance and score good grades. But do you achieve your goal just by hiring an alternative without making a real effort from your side? Check out 3 common mistakes made by students while learning online.

Not having a plan is NOT the best plan of all

When you hire an online tutor, do not think your job is fully done. That’s one common mistake made by a lot of students.  Of course, it is the first step, but you cannot pass online tutoring as a passive learning experience. It’s always best to outline your goals before setting your mind to hire an online tutor. Know what’s your ultimate aim, whether to score better grades in school or to complete a particularly difficult assignment. Update your tutor about your requirements and your progress in school.

Not clearing your doubts

Many of the popular online tutoring environments like TutorComp provide the best platforms leveraging advanced technology to integrate students and online tutors all across the world. But students at times are unwilling to ask questions while attending the session thinking whether they are interrupting the tutor.  Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts unlike in your classroom. Because you are the only one your online tutor is attending to!

When you are utterly unprepared

When we talk about being prepared, it’s just not about mugging up and by hearting study materials. But you should be familiar with what topic you are covering that day. Make sure you have your notes, textbooks, and assignments, and all necessary materials needed for that session. By running around while in the middle of a session causes interruption of an otherwise smooth session and wasting of your valuable time.