Follow these 3 tips for a healthy student lifestyle!

three healthy tips

Do you feel like getting caught up in your hectic student life? Packed School Calendar, dreading exams and deadline-oriented assignments, early and late evening lectures, it can be a real uphill struggle ahead of you. Most of the time students forget to take proper care of their brain and physical health. Alarming facts based on a study conducted recently states that almost 70% of students are physically inactive due to unhealthy lifestyles and busy schedules. As always, we are not generalizing every student here, but it’s a fact that a majority is unaware of their health while in the middle of studies.

To get things going on the right path, all you need is an attentive approach and determination to start on a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you begin with:

Never Skip your Breakfast

Obviously, it’s not the first you’ve heard this. Various studies reveal that having breakfast is the most crucial factor of a human being’s health and memory power. Being a student, you are supposed to memorize nothing short of infinite information while you learn. If you tend to regularly skip breakfast, this will affect your brainpower. So start your day with a healthy well-balanced breakfast!

Get moving while you learn

Do not compromise on exercise. Regular exercise enhances your focus and mental strength. It is a great medium to reduce anxiety. After all, if you don’t have enough headspace, how would you think clearly? Mental Health is as important as physical health when it comes to academics. Exercise is the best method to have a healthy mind.


How simple a word, but this is too important. Late Night studies and assignment works are all right to some extent, but making it a practice can put your health at risk.  While you concentrate on brain food and exercise, also make sure to get good sleep regularly.