How to develop super memory while learning?

How to develop super memory while learning?

Your memory is something that is beyond ordinary. Many neurologists are still trying to figure out the various mysterious functions of the brain that we are still unknown to. Funny thing is, even when you remember some of the early memories of your childhood, you might run around your room looking for your mobile which is already in your pocket. Sounds familiar? You would have wondered about how you forget all the things you learned right before you are about to write your exam.

Well, that’s how tricky our brain is.

Brains process different memories in different manners. Hence they also tend to forget according to various types of memories being stored and other functional reasons.  The 4 major reasons why the brain forgets information are:

Retrieval Failure:  This happens when memories gradually fade from our brain due to incomplete rehearsal of certain information. This is a general form of forgetting

Interference: When you try to remember 2 two things at once, there occurs a competition and hence brain would only absorb the most important one among the both. This results in forgetting the second category of information.

Inability to store memories: Have you ever tried to recollect a particular Math equation over and over again and failed? That’s because you haven’t actually remembered the equation at all! Some information never makes it to your long-term memory box and hence you believe that you’ve “forgotten” it.

Active Forgetting:  Active forgetting happens due to post-traumatic experiences or accidents that happened in the past.

Repetition and Reflection

Active Forgetting is mostly not cured, but other forms can be conquered and worked upon if you take a little effort from your side. Your focus should be on how to retain important information. So when you attend the online tutoring session, make sure to ask as many questions as possible to your online tutor. Asking questions is one of the best possible ways to memorize and recollect information in the long run.  Remember this formula while you learn anything, Repetition, and Reflection.