How can parents support their school going child?

How can parents support their school going child?

Maybe you are a highly qualified person or not, but when you are a parent, you might want to be involved in your child’s academics. All you want then is your child’s success and you are willing to do anything for that, but without being too obvious, isn’t it? No kid wants their parent to be labeled as “interfering” and you already know it.

We believe these tips should help you strike the right balance between your personal life and your child’s education.

Ensure homework are completed on time

Involving in your kid’s homework can be fun by encouraging him/her to do it, not by doing it yourself. A school-going child requires adopting a trial and error method while learning or doing homework.  When you do the homework all by yourself instead of developing this process, they are taking this as an opportunity to take academics for granted. Also, they won’t learn how to deal with success and failure.  Provide your kids with plenty of learning opportunities and be aware of their progress in class. Let them explore the rest on their own.

Be in touch with the Teacher

Schools often arrange parent-teacher meetings to discuss the progress of the respective child with the parent. Parent-teacher meetings usually happen once or twice a year. Make sure to attend them no matter how busy you are. This would help you to prove how involved you are in your kid’s education. Even if you miss out on any of the meetings, don’t hesitate to reschedule them. Teachers would only be happy to help you in any such conditions. Build a positive acquaintanceship with the respective class teacher as they could help your kid in emergency study scenarios.

Getting the right kind of assistance after school

Your child might be an expert at Math but not so good at Chemistry which might affect the overall performance in school. Every child has a unique learning style. The truth is even you may not be aware of it, let alone your class teacher. This is where seeking an online tutor would help. Online tutors are certified professionals who have in-depth knowledge of different learning styles. They could be of great help if you find difficulty in helping your kid with a particular subject.

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