6 Time saving tips for online tutors

Save time with online tuition

It’s an inevitable fact that online tutoring requires considerable time for the tutors to prepare for their online classes. However, when the course is set up beforehand and with the help of the right tools and strategies, a tutor could save a lot of time. A little planning in advance could save the online teacher ample time when it really counts. Most of these practices ensure a more engaging learning experience for an individual student and make online teaching less stressful for the tutor.

Here are 6 tips for online tutors to save time!

  • Prepare a welcome plan which not just introduces you as a tutor and the overall course but also provides detailed instruction about accessing the course and from where to seek help.
  • Always organize a syllabus quiz. Preparing a syllabus quiz which would help the students in understanding how the course is structured and where they need help.
  • Keep the content easily accessible to no more than just a few clicks away. Have a consistent format module-to-module or week-to-week.
  • Be strict with respect to forms of communication. In case you provide your students with multiple messaging accounts and email for contacting you, be ready to receive a lot of unorganized messages from the students. Ensure that you’re very clear about ways of communication.
  • Automate the course to the extent possible. Whiteboard facilitates video recording which could help you to record and then reuse your lectures. This would help both you and students to make the tutoring and learning process more effective.

Centralize all the questions and answers. Utilize discussion forums for FAQs. Prepare a FAQ page for your students. Encourage the students for asking questions in the forum itself instead of emailing them so that every student could benefit from the answer.