Four Most common mistake students do during exams

4 Most common mistake students do during exams

There are few common mistakes that students do during their examinations due to which, despite preparing well for exams, they lose marks and end up scoring low.

Let us look at a few of such mistakes and understand how to correct them:

Arriving late for the examinations

Most of the students are very punctual on exam days. Though, some exhibit the habit of being late almost for every occasion. This delay might mean that you may not be allowed to appear for the exam. Even in case you are permitted, your mind wouldn’t be calm enough to start writing your paper immediately. It is hence advisable that you should reach the exam hall well in advance so that you don’t miss out on those precious minutes.

Beginning your paper with the toughest question

Most of the students start their papers on hearing the bell. They don’t even glance through the whole question paper once. It means that they might start their paper with the toughest question first. It puts them under mental stress. This can cause a not-so-good impression over the examiner if the quality of the answer is not good.

Not just that, students also miss out on the time and realize later that they have very little time remaining for completing the rest of the paper. As the mind of the student is focused on the difficult question, he/she might find it tough to answer the easy questions.

Missing out crucial instructions

It is advisable to go through the whole question paper before you start writing. It gives you the crucial time for contemplating between difficult and easy questions. Students could also read significant instructions or notes provided. In case you missed those important instructions or notes, then you might end up answering much more questions than needed. It is better that you discuss with your online tutor how to manage your time during examinations.

Not answering all questions

Some of the students scan their question paper first and then start with the easier questions leaving the difficult ones to be answered later.

Though, they might get stuck with some other difficult questions, leaving them with no time for returning to the questions which are yet to be answered.